[UDK - Download] Download free Unreal Development Kit - Nov 2010

Upgrade Notes
UDK now ships with an additional map, plus many improvements to the Unreal Editor have been made.
  • The new time of day map (as seen in the new trailer mentioned above) now ships with UDKGame example game content.
Unreal Editor
  • UDK’s new welcome screen improves functionality.
  • New Absolute Translation mode moves the widget to the mouse location.  This is the new default translation scheme.
  • A new widget has been added to combine common translation and rotation operations.  This handy tool for level designers is in the prototype phase and is therefore off by default.
  • Several updates to the Rotation Widget have been made. These can be enabled but are off by default.
  • Box selection is now supported in perspective viewports.
  • New version of the MemLeakCheckDiffer tool can be found in \UnrealEngine3\Binaries\MemLeakCheckDiffer.exe.
  • New HeadTracking track for eye/head tracking of skeletal mesh actors in Matinee has been added.
  • When saving a persistent level to a new name, you can now rename all sub-levels as well, specifying a new prefix if necessary.
  • New “move/rename” source control command has been added.
  • Copying multiple soundcues to another package will now default the “Name Suffix” checkbox to false.
  • New 'Highlight Objects Under Cursor' feature to editor viewports (actors and BSP surfaces) has been added.
  • The AnimSet editor now allows you to search an AnimSet for AnimSequence names.
  • The texture viewer now has a checkerboard for better viewing of transparent textures.
  • The option to turn on/off horizontal grid lines between properties in PropertyWindows is now available.
  • Double-clicking on sequence start/finished actions now takes you to the parent sequence.
  • Users should no longer have to triangulate meshes before exporting to FBX.
  • A command line option for rebuilding and checking in levels is now available.
  • The automatic build and submit tool no longer needs every streaming level checked out in order to proceed.http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/AutomatedMapBuild.html
Miscellaneous Enhancements
  • Sockets in the socket manager are now in alphabetical order.
  • The following Kismet shortcuts have been updated:
    • C + left-mouse-click: Add console event.
    • Removed the "add comment" shortcut ("C").
  • The Toggle Horizontal Dividers setting will now be remembered across sessions.
  • “NO COLLISION” warnings will again be displayed for static meshes and fractured static meshes on their thumbnail icons.
  • The nFringe script debugging is now supported with 64-bit UE3 executables.
    • You will need the latest version of nFringe (version nFringeSetup-pre- or later).
  • The FBX SDK has been upgraded to FBX SDK 2011.3.1.
  • With this upgrade meshes no longer need to be triangulated before importing to UE3.

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